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How Arizona Flat Fee MLS Works

You don't have to pay 6% commission!

No one likes to pay a real estate agent a commission equal to 6% of the sale price of their home. That's $24,000 on a $400,000 home.

Tired of paying such high commissions, many home-owners attempt to sell their homes themselves, For Sale By Owner. Many of them realize, that not being listed by a REALTOR means not being able to take advantage of the most powerful marketing method in the history of real estate: the Multiple Listing Service.

Our Arizona Flat Fee MLS listing programs are designed for the typical value-conscious home-owner. First of all, lists your home on the Realtor's MLS and on most major real estate websites including Since over 80% of listings in Arizona sell through the MLS, a listing gives you access to all buyers in your area including the majority that are working with real estate agents.

You can be confident that buyer’s agents will want to show your home, as our program assures them that they will be paid if they bring a buyer (You choose the commission percentage you offer them, but we recommend 2.5% to 3%). The cost of a listing agent is virtually eliminated, because rather than pay your listing agent another 3%, you only pay a small flat fee as low as $199. If however, a buyer is not working with a REALTOR, you would pay no commission what so ever.

Either way, you save your hard earned EQUITY!

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